Dean of Extension launches SIGAEXT-Bahiana

New system makes it easier to submit proposals for extension activities.


The Dean of Extension of Bahiana, in collaborative work with the Information Technology Center (NTI), has just launched SIGAEXT – Extension Activities Management System Bahiana which allows the registration, evaluation and management of proposals for Extension activities in a practical way. According to the Vice-Rector of Extension, Prof. Dr. Carolina Pedroza, "the system allows teachers and collaborators of the institution, as well as teachers and professionals in health and related areas linked to other institutions, to propose extension activities to be carried out in the Bahiana".

To submit your proposal, the candidate must register on the work, which offers a set of possibilities for proposal formats ranging from events to long-term courses. Projects can be scientific, socio-environmental, artistic, among others. According to the National University Extension Policy, proposals may be formulated in the thematic areas of communication, culture, environment and technology and production.

Proponents must develop their projects in community extension formats, with community actions that involve the internal and external audiences of the company. Bahiana; project, with continuous action of an educational, social, cultural, scientific or technological nature; course, understood as a pedagogical action of a theoretical/practical nature; event, with a cultural, artistic, sporting, scientific or technological scope and program that, in this case, must be articulated with projects and other extension actions. Check the proposal notice HERE. [Change in schedule: the deadline for submitting a proposal has been extended until 30/06.]