Candidates approved in the Bahiana were welcomed for a visit to the Cabula Campus

Project "Bahiana with open doors for you” enabled a guided tour, allowing candidates to get to know the structure of the institution.


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"Bahiana with open doors for you.” This was the motto of the action carried out by Bahiana on the morning of last Saturday (24/02), at Campus Cabula, to welcome those approved for this semester. On the occasion, candidates and their families were able to visit the academic unit, laboratories, outpatient clinics and practice spaces, in addition to clarifying doubts about the courses and the possibilities of financial benefits offered by the institution.

Incoming students from Biomedicine, Nursing, Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Psychology and Dentistry courses participated. According to the commercial manager of Bahiana, Fred Silveira, “the student, increasingly, has his family in his decision-making axis and the family's primary factor is the structure, the place where their children will study. So we thought of a time for these families to learn a little about our structure and be able to ask questions. Our purpose today is to establish this relationship and show what Bahiana he has."

The doctor trained by Bahiana, Silvia Veloso, accompanied her daughter, Catarina Veloso Vasconcelos, approved for the Dentistry course, on the tour of the unit. "I already knew she would want Bahiana, both due to the history of the university itself and the relationship that we, as alumni, have with the institution. Today's visit only confirmed this. We were able to learn about the curriculum of the Dentistry course, we were able to understand that we have good teachers, a first-quality clinic. And she will have the possibility of practicing the profession from a very early age with the practices!", celebrates Silvia. For Catarina, the visit reaffirmed her choice. "I am very happy, as I was already interested in college, I had already come to visit, but now it has reinforced what I had in mind”, he declares.