Bahiana For One Day welcomes students from Colégio Nossa Senhora da Luz

Activity takes place weekly at Campus Cabula.


Bahiana For One Day 20230823 Colegio Nsra Luz

The program Bahiana For one day On the afternoon of August 23rd, it welcomed high school students from Colégio Nossa Senhora da Luz, providing an experience of contact and experience of the university environment. The visit took place at Campus Cabula and allowed participants to learn about the dynamics of each of the institution's undergraduate courses.

The itinerary began in the Microscopy Laboratory, where visitors had their first contact with the Biomedicine course. They were then able to learn the basics of the Nursing course, also in a laboratory environment. The visit followed with an activity in the Skills Laboratory 01, where the students could have contact with knowledge related to the Physical Education course and, subsequently, in the Skills Laboratory 02, they participated in an activity of the Physical Therapy course.

Visitors were able to clarify doubts about the “Myths and Truths about Psychology”, in an activity coordinated by a course teacher. The itinerary also included a tour of the Centro Odontológico da Bahiana. The activities ended at the Morfofuncional Laboratory, under the coordination of medical students.