Bahiana Por Um Dia welcomes schools for another afternoon of academic experience

Program received Land and Degiane Martins schools.


“I was determined to study law. I had that right in my head, but going through all these courses, Medicine got me! It greatly expanded my knowledge. And Medicine is very interesting. I leave here today thinking about pursuing this career.” The testimony of Carlos Augusto Lima dos Santos, a 3rd year high school student at Colégio Degiane Martins, shows a little of the program's objective Bahiana For one day, which provides high school students with the opportunity to experience a day at the university and learn about the institution's undergraduate courses.

Like Augusto and his colleagues, students from Colégio Land participated, last Wednesday (09/08), in yet another edition of the program, when they visited Campus Cabula. “I really enjoyed the experience, as it was a lot of fun and contributed a lot in my decision-making process of what I want to do with my life”, declared Beatriz Gordilho, a 1st year high school student at Colégio Land.

Throughout the afternoon, the two groups visited the Dental Center and the Morphofunctional Laboratory of the Medicine course and participated in activities in the Biomedicine, Physical Education, Nursing and Physiotherapy laboratories, in addition to discussing myths and truths about Psychology. All activities were carried out under the coordination of professors from undergraduate courses at Bahiana.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública