physiotherapist graduated from Bahiana is summoned to join the technical team of the Brazilian National Football Team

Adonai Dias has worked for teams such as Esporte Clube Vitória, Atlético Paranaense and Cuiabá.


Physiotherapist Adonai Photo Personal Collection

Former student of the Physiotherapy course at Bahiana Adonai Dias has just been called up to be part of one of the top football teams in the world: the Brazilian Football Team. The former student completed his graduation at Bahiana, in 2017.1, and soon after, he went to São Paulo, where he completed his residency and master's degree. Adonai says that the first call-up to play at the national level was to compose the technical team for the preparation of the U-20 National Team and, this year, he had already been called up again for the U-15 National Team, in preparation for the Copa 2 de Julho de Futebol, which will be held in Salvador, at the end of this year.

After his stay in São Paulo, Adonai joined the teams at Esporte Clube Vitória, Atlético Paranaense and is currently a physiotherapist at Cuiabá. "To be called up to the national team, many variables come into play. You need to have a good career in football and have good indications. In the first call up, I had many indications from health professionals from the club where I worked and from other clubs. He says that, on his last day of class at Bahiana, during the Aula da Saudade, had the activity of putting down on paper their personal and professional life goals. "One of the goals I set was to reach the Brazilian Football Team. I managed to arrive a little earlier than I thought, because I had set 2025", says the physiotherapist.

"I have no doubt that the Bahiana It was one of the best choices of my life. A Bahiana prepared me a lot as a professional and as an individual, because, in addition to being a very strong institution at an academic level, it prepares you for life. I owe a lot to Bahiana”, he declares. Adonai says that, when he was in the 2nd year of high school, he started researching the institutions that offered the course in Physiotherapy. “I found the Bahiana and I was delighted with the selection process, with the active methodology, so I thought: 'I want Physiotherapy and I want to graduate from Bahiana'. Thanks to God, I managed to pass and enter the Bahiana, which developed me a lot. Today, everything I'm achieving on a professional level, I owe to Bahiana".