Yellow July alerts for prevention and control of viral hepatitis

Study of teachers from Bahiana reveals negligence in prevention and self-care regarding hepatitis B and C in Brazil.


Reinforce surveillance, prevention and control actions against viral hepatitis. This is the main objective of the Yellow July campaign, promoted by the Ministry of Health. According to the scientific study "Public knowledge and attitudes toward liver diseases and liver cancer in the Brazilian population: a cross-sectional study", carried out by professors Paulo Bittencourt and Liana Codes, in partnership with teaching researchers from the Hospital Português, the Federal University of São Paulo and the Datafolha Institute, a large part of the Brazilian population does not believe that hepatitis B and C can be a cause of cirrhosis and Only half say they have been tested for viral hepatitis or have taken all three doses of vaccine for hepatitis B. The study was published this month in the scientific journal The Lancet Regional Health – Americas.

According to Professor Paulo Bittencourt, there is a lack of awareness among the population regarding the importance of managing their own health. "Ninety percent of people know that the test is provided by the SUS, but most do not feel motivated to perform a quick test for hepatitis, available in almost all basic health units. by the SUS and, even so, many people neglect its testing and treatment, not knowing that hepatitis can be associated with serious diseases, which often require a liver transplant", warns the doctor.

In the month in which health units alert for the prevention and care of viral hepatitis, the professor also points out that viral hepatitis affects about one million people in Brazil and that it can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. A Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública, through Bahiana Saúde provides, on a daily basis, an outpatient clinic with care for tracking and monitoring patients.