Medicine course conducts simulation of scientific event

The activity served as an evaluation for the Instrumental Methodology component.


Live the experience of a scientific event. This was the objective of the evaluation activity of the curricular component of Instrumental Methodology of the Medicine course, which involved students and professors, on the morning of June 2, at Campus Cabula.

The academics produced informative posters, with the help of the professors, and performed the presentation of the researched contents. "The presentation of informative posters project came about with the desire to simulate the presentations of scientific events, after a period of many digital events. The MI component (Instrumental Methodology) aims to equip students for academic productions. We had a partnership with professors from other curricular components who attended the presentations and exchanged knowledge", commented the component's teacher, Cristina Brasil.

According to Professor Rafael Lélis, the activity provided an experience that goes beyond simply learning the syllabus: "The action is important to assess student learning and extrapolate health care, allowing the discussion of topics such as inclusion, prevalent diseases , gender diversity and general population education”.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública