Academic Directory of Medicine holds XNUMXst Research Symposium

Event brought together academics and research professors on the Campus Brotas.


The Academic Directory Pirajá da Silva, representative of the College of Medicine, held, on May 27, at Campus Brotas, the XNUMXst Research Symposium, aimed at undergraduate students. The program included lectures by professors and research alumni.

The opening lecture had the theme “Medicine: the art of decision” and was given by professor Luís Cláudio Correia. Undergraduate professor and coordinator of the Stricto Sensu Graduate Program in Medicine and Human Health, Dr. Ana Marice Ladeia, spoke about the research groups of Bahiana. The theme “Uncomplicating the TCC” was addressed by the professor of the Nursing course Thaís Calasans.

The coordinator of the Integrated Program in Scientific Education and Epidemiology, Caroline Feitosa, discussed with the academics the theme “Potentialities and limits of the use of Data SUS for health research”. Former student Verônica Freire, who is doing her postdoctoral studies at Brigham and Women's Hospital (USA), spoke about the experiences and challenges of the student researcher. “The relationship between clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry and research in the midst of the precariousness of Evidence-Based Medicine” was the topic addressed by Professor Priscila Doria. The event ended with a lecture by the dean of Research, Innovation and Stricto Sensu Postgraduate Teaching, Dr. Atson Fernandes, who spoke about “The importance of scientific training for success in a professional career: what does Bahiana he has".

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