Science with Acaraj resumes face-to-face mode

Event took place on May 18 at Campus Cabula.


Guests, raffle and science! This was the 29th edition of the Science with Acarajé project carried out by the Tutorial Education Program – PET, of the Biomedicine course, which marked the return to the face-to-face format, last Thursday night (18/05), at Campus Cabula. The opening featured words by Marcia Carneiro Brandão and Adijeane Oliveira, president and former president of the HTLVida Association, respectively, who spoke a little about the entity's actions and the severity of the pathologies caused by the HTLV virus. During the event, another edition of Corrente do Bem was held, an initiative in which students collect donations for a charity. Geriatric diapers and powdered milk were collected, in addition to cash donations to be donated to Associação HTLVida.

The evening revolved around the lecture "The current importance of using bioinformatics in the analysis and phylogenetic studies of COVID-19 variants for the world", given by the professor of the Biomedicine course at Bahiana, Filipe Ferreira de Almeida Rego. In his speech, the professor reported the news of bioinformatics, sharing his experience in several studies about the new coronavirus, which caused the Pandemic that started at the end of 2019.

The teaching coordinator of PET Biomedicina, prof. Gabriel Queiroz, highlighted the importance of face-to-face editing, recalling that the last Science with Acarajé in this format was the 22nd edition, in 2019. "Science with Acarajé is a very special event for our course, as there are more than 800 PETs in all over Brazil, but the only one in Biomedicine is ours". The student coordinator of Ciência com Acarajé, Esther Caldas, a student in the 4th semester, says that the dynamics of organizing the event involves choosing the theme and the division of tasks by the academics who are part of PET and that, due to the pandemic, the group was able to learn how to organize the meeting in both virtual and face-to-face formats. "For the second half of the year, we will have the 30th edition of Ciência com Acarajé, with the participation of the project's creator, Prof. Tânia Brasil". “Fighting DNA - The History of Biomedical Regulation".

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública