Professor of Psychology at Bahiana launches book on the organization of the hinterland of Cariri in Ceará

Launch took place on March 30, in Salvador.


Book by Fábio Giorgio Azevedo

"From the crucibles of civilization – an ethnography with the Casa Grande Foundation", a book authored by the professor of the Psychology course at Bahiana Fábio Giorgio Azevedo, was launched on March 30, at Casa Nando, in Rio Vermelho, in Salvador. The work was based on research at Fundação Casa Grande – Memorial do Homem Kariri, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which aims to provide children, young people and their families with social and cultural training through experience in institutional management. .

“The result of an ethnographic research, the book deals with the ways in which a civil society organization in the hinterland of Cariri in Ceará educates children and young people. Crossing epistemological territories (Education, Social Psychology, Anthropology, Literature), mixing accents, the book reveals how ancestral knowledge of native peoples is used in the task of educating and entangling the meaning of life at every dawn”, explains prof. Fabio Giorgio Azevedo.

The research for the book lasted two months, during which the research professor visited the Casa Grande Foundation – Memorial do Homem Kariri. The work was published by EDUFBA and can be purchased both at the publisher itself and on the Amazon website.