Physical Education Course holds meeting on Obesity Combat and Prevention Day

The activity brought together students, professionals and the external public at Campus Cabula.


The Physical Education course at Bahiana carried out the activity "Health in Balance: well-being and transformation" at Campus Cabula, on March 4, the date on which the Day for Combating and Preventing Obesity is celebrated. The event was idealized by the Research Group on Metabolic Diseases, Physical Exercise and Health Technologies and brought together students from various undergraduate courses at Bahiana, health professionals and the external public.

The program included body practices with stretching activities, formation of groups for dialogue and acceptance on the subject, in addition to a large conversation circle with the participation of participants sharing their dilemmas with health professionals, interacting and exchanging knowledge about obesity .

The closing of the meeting was marked by a dance activity with varied rhythms, with the objective of demonstrating how joyful, engaging and collective movement can be.