Medical student wins vacancies in several selections at Harvard

Camila Verônica Souza Freire also won places in two postdoctoral programs at the American institution.


Camila Veronica Souza FreireThe medical student at Bahiana Camila Verônica Souza Freire has just been approved for the master's program at the American university Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, one of the most renowned teaching and research institutions in the world. She had also already been approved for the postdoctoral program, by Harvard, at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), the hospital where she interned in 2021, and for the postdoctoral degree at the Brigham and Women's Health teaching hospital, also at Harvard. "The post-doctorate, after training in Medicine, was something I only learned after doing a lot of research. It is possible to do a post-doctorate because medicine is considered a doctor's degree in the US, as well as a PhD", explains Camila.

She says she has been preparing for postgraduate programs since she entered graduation. The internship carried out in 2021 had a scholarship from the Maria Emília Foundation, a partner of Bahiana. "Back in Boston, I received letters of recommendation and did networking, an essential point to apply for the vacancies where I was accepted", she says. The scholar highlights the importance of her training in Bahiana for its international achievements in the field of research. "Having had incredible professors and a reference education was a key point for me to stand out outside Brazil. I was highly praised during the internships, I presented articles to the preceptors and residents at Harvard, and they were impressed with how much I knew of evidence-based medicine (EBM). I had the opportunity to present and receive an award at an international congress thanks to the guidance of my professors".

Camila emphasizes the institution's academic curriculum, which has as its differential research and Evidence-Based Medicine, "which puts us on an equal footing with Harvard students at any opportunity abroad! Bahiana they are potential mentors: they go beyond teaching in the classroom, they become advisors, friends, guides on the journey. I was lucky to have amazing mentors at Bahiana, such as Luís Cláudio Correia, Carolina Lins, Rinaldo Barros, Dilton Mendonça and others".