Monitoring 2023.1: results

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Results - Monitoring of the Biomedicine course 2023.1
Biomorphofunctional I
Biomorphofunctional II

Results – Monitoring of the Physical Education course 2023.1
Exercise physiology
Exercise Prescription for Special Groups
Tests, Measurements and Assessment in Physical Education and Sports

Results - Nursing course monitoring 2023.1
Elderly Health Practices
Practices in Women's Health

Results – Monitoring of the Physiotherapy course 2023.1
Electrophysical Agents
Ambulatory Curricular Internship I

Results - Monitoring of the Medicine course 2023.1
Applied Anatomy - Radiological
Regional Applied Anatomy
Biofunction II - Semiological Basis
Biointeraction I
Biointeraction II
Biomorphofunctional I and II - Macroscopic Fundamentals
Biomorphofunctional I and II, Microscopic Foundations Module - BMC/PHYSIOLOGY
Biomorphofunctional I and II - Microscopic Fundamentals, Tissue Aspects (HISTOLOGY)
Biomorphofunctional II - Macroscopic Fundamentals - Neuroanatomy
Integrated Clinic I
Surgical Skills I
Surgical Skills II
Instrumental Methodology – Intercourse Morphofunctional Sciences Group (GCMi)
First aid
Women's Health I

Results - Tutoring of the Dentistry course 2023.1
Biomorphofunctional I
Biomorphofunctional II
Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology
Children's Clinic I
Children's Clinic II
Special Dentistry Clinic
Adolescent Clinic
Integrated Clinic I
Integrated Clinic II
Oral Rehabilitation Clinic II
Outpatient Supervised Internship I
Stomatology I
Stomatology II
Stomatology III
Fundamentals of Oral Rehabilitation I
Fundamentals of Oral Rehabilitation II
Fundamentals of Oral Rehabilitation III
Health Illness Process I
Process Health Illness II

Results - Monitoring of the Psychology course 2023.1
Psychological Assessment II
Measures in Psychology
Neurosciences Applied to Psychology I
Neurosciences Applied to Psychology III