Physical Education course achieves top score in Enade

Assessment considers the performance of undergraduates in relation to the syllabus provided in the curricular guidelines.


The Physical Education course at Bahiana has just achieved a five in the National Student Performance Examination (Enade), the highest value in the evaluation. Enade evaluates the performance of graduates of undergraduate courses in relation to the syllabus provided in the curricular guidelines of the courses, the development of skills and abilities necessary for the deepening of general and professional training, and the level of updating of students in relation to reality Brazilian and worldwide.

According to the course coordinator, Prof. doctor Clarcson Plácido, “the grade 5 is the result of a well-structured political-pedagogical project, in which the teaching, research and extension pillars are very well developed, which provides our students with an opportunity to learn in different axes. In addition to this process, teaching methodologies and the quality of teachers give life to this gear”.

Another aspect that the coordinator highlights is the structure created by Bahiana for the operation of mandatory internships, which allows students to experience different fields of practice, making the expanded and developed skills better founded. “Institutional support is another big differential. We receive support from different sectors, whether academic or technical-administrative, which makes processes more efficient to deal with day-to-day demands”, reports the professor.