Science with Acarajé discusses the harmful action of pesticides

The 28th edition of the cycle of lectures promoted by PET-Biomedicina took place on November 17, broadcast on YouTube.


Print Ciencia Acaraje Joice Requiao

"Agro is Tech, Agro is Pop, Agro is Toxic! The 'Pandemic' of pesticides and their effects on human health". This was the theme of the 28th edition of Science with Acarajé, held via live transmission on the Bahiana on YouTube on November 17th. Science with Acarajé is an initiative of the Tutorial Education Program (PET) of the Biomedicine course and aims to promote scientific discussions through lectures.

Joice Requião, a nurse specialist in Nephrology, Master in Biological Sciences and doctoral student in Human Ecology and Socio-Environmental Management, at UNEB, where she is guided by Professor Artur Gomes Dias Lima, also a professor at the Bahiana🇧🇷 In her lecture, the researcher presented an excerpt from her research entitled "Study of the nephrotic potential of pesticides used by rural workers under occupational environmental exposure”.

In her speech, Joice presented several nomenclatures of pesticides, revealing that some, like "agricultural pesticides", are used in a marketing way for greater acceptance by consumers. "There is a rhetorical maneuver, laden with marketing intentions, to hide their harmful effects on health, with the aim of convincing farmers that these products act only to inhibit the action of organisms that could harm crops", warned the researcher.