Talk Show Carreiras 50+ marks the launch of a seniority program at Bahiana

Strategy for employees over 50 will be implemented in 2023.


The Strategic Management of People and Learning of Bahiana (GEPAP) held, on November 17, through the institution's official channel on YouTube, the Talk Show Careers 50+. Mediated by GEPAP's manager, Telma Bastos, guests Fábio Rocha and Maiza Neville, authors of the book "Generational Diversity – Transformations and impacts of the 50+ in organizations and society", shared with the GEPAP community Bahiana some of your experiences on the subject.

According to Maiza Neville, her own professional trajectory allowed her to look at the future in a different way: "My career doesn't just have that status of 'I studied, I worked, I retired'. I keep studying, working and retiring" .

The event marked the launch of the SENIORS Program – Developing the Mindset of Longeractivity, which will be implemented in the institution from 2023 onwards. generation to reencounter their careers and possibilities", declared Telma Bastos.