Number of Covid-19 cases rises again

Strengthen care for its prevention.


Recently, the numbers of Covid-19 cases have risen again, represented by the emergence of the Ômicron BQ.1 variant that has caused new outbreaks in some countries and is already circulating in Brazil.

That way, this is the time to strengthen our prevention care. 
Check now some protective measures that need to be resumed:

- Carry out self-monitoring and, if you have symptoms, report to your work environment and avoid contact with new people.
- Wear a mask correctly indoors, covering your nose and mouth.
- Use gel alcohol.
- Keep your vaccination record up to date with all booster doses.
- Sanitize your hands with soap and water regularly.
- When coughing or sneezing, cover your nose with a tissue or your arm, not your hands.

The fight against Covid-19 is a commitment to everyone's health.