Research group carries out activity on World Stroke Prevention Day

Actions took place at the Medical Center of Bahiana.


Marking the World Day for the Prevention of Stroke, celebrated on October 26, the Behavior and Neurofunctional Rehabilitation Research Group of Bahiana carried out a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional activity involving undergraduate and graduate students from the Bahiana, students from academic leagues at UNEB and professionals from the Stroke Unit of Hospital Roberto Santos.

The activity took place in two stages, the first being awareness-raising with the explanation of stroke care and symptoms and distribution of educational material in the waiting rooms of the Medical Center of Bahiana Health and, the second, in the Physiotherapy Clinic of Bahiana with care for patients who suffered a stroke and were discharged.

The coordinator of the research group, Prof. Elen Beatriz, explains that “talking about stroke is talking about measures that help to avoid the episode, but also working with individuals who have had a stroke about disability. We see more and more young individuals being affected by this problem. So the discussion today is about the ways these individuals should work towards their rehabilitation.”

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública