Lecture celebrates 60 years of regulation of Psychology as a profession

At the invitation of Unisc, coordinator of the Professional Master's in Psychologies and Health Interventions, she discussed the challenges of the training process in higher education, from the perspective of mental health.


Monica Daltro Participates In Unisc Psychology Event

The coordinator of the Professional Master's Program in Psychologies and Health Interventions at Bahiana, Prof. Dr. On September 23, Mônica Daltro gave the lecture "Mental Health: Challenges in the Training Itinerary of Higher Education", at the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (Unisc), in Gramado. The lecture was held at the invitation of the Professional Master in Psychology Unisc, in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the regulation of Psychology as a profession.

"What are the challenges of the training process, in higher education, when we consider mental health?". Based on this questioning, Professor Mônica expanded the discussion regarding the understanding of mental health, which is also established in the relational field, whose ways of living reflect the condition of the current civilization model.

The professor, researcher and psychoanalyst, drew attention to the fact that individuals from Western societies are living an itinerary based on medicalization, in order to respond to the aspirations of the neoliberal system. On the other hand and within this context, Mônica Daltro proposed that higher education education should focus on the act of teaching and learning about living collectively. According to Daltro, the proposal is "to teach about the importance of sadness, fragility, the impossibility of teaching about civilized life".