Psychology course holds VIII Meeting of Struggles in Mental Health

The event was broadcast live on YouTube from Bahiana and is open access on the institution's channel on the platform.


The Psychology course of Bahiana held, on the morning of October 6th, the VIII Meeting of Struggles in Mental Health. The event took place in online format, with live transmission through the official channel of Bahiana No. YouTube and was aimed at undergraduate students from the 1st to the 10th semester of the course.

Under the coordination of professor prof. Rafael Leite Fernandes, the event had the challenge of discussing contemporary mental health policy, as well as promoting critical, technical and ethical analysis of clinical cases in the area, in times of a pandemic. In this way, the opening table brought the theme "Arrangements and disarrangements of an assistance crossed by the pandemic and political dissonances: what are the current contours?", with guest professor Carolina Dórea. The program also featured the roundtable "Actions in Psychology in Times of Uncertainty: Experience Reports" with presentations by psychologists and professors Raquel Malheiro and Iago Sampaio.

"This event has been consolidating itself as a hallmark of the Psychology course at Bahiana. It makes us reflect on something that crosses the psychologist's performance. We are counting on professionals who already work in this area of ​​knowledge and psychologists in training. This meeting also serves to remind us about our Human Rights and to encourage discussion about effective public policies that consider the subject in its entirety", declared Professor Rafael Leite Fernandes.

Watch the VIII Meeting of Struggles in Mental Health: