XXII Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of the Bahiana

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Until the 20th of October, registrations are open for participation in the XXII Scientific and Cultural Exhibition of Bahiana.

The event takes place on October 21 and 22, 2022, in online format, promoting
 a space for the presentation of academic, scientific and cultural productions and with sociopolitical debates built by professors, students and collaborators of the Bahiana, with the participation of members of external institutions.

During the MCC, there will be XX Scientific Initiation Journey - PIBICXII Research Forum of the BahianaIX Extension Exhibition and Popular Health Education Tent.

The amount collected at XXII MCC will be used, in part, for the donation of whole powdered milk to the Monitoring Program for Mothers with HTLV/BAHIANA and for the institutions Lar Vida e Pérolas de Cristo.

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