Ceremony marks delivery of certificates for the Basic Training Course in Ayurveda Therapist Bahiana

The event was attended by the Indian doctor and professor of the course Dr. Sonali Shinde.


Bahiana Ayurveda class

The certificate delivery ceremony for classes 1 and 2 of the Basic Ayurveda Therapist Training Course at Bahiana, held on September 10, at Campus Cabula, was marked by the presence of Indian professor Dr. Sonali Shinde, a doctor specializing in Panchakarma (the process of cleansing the body of toxic materials left behind by disease and malnutrition, both food and emotions) and Women's Health.

Accompanied by the course coordinator, prof.ª Esp. Regina Puja Kinzer – Physical Therapist, Ayurvedic Therapist, and Ayurvedic Therapy Course Instructor, Dr. Sonali Shinde listened to the testimonies of the students of the course, always answering the questions, which made her lecture a two-hour dialogue with the participants. The reports highlighted how the course provided an improvement in the participants' quality of life, who also began to apply their knowledge to family members and patients.

"The objective of Ayurveda is prevention, so that people do not get sick. This requires discipline and moderation, promoting a life without dependence on medication, because even Ayurvedic medicine, prepared in a natural way, requires the use of plants and this has an impact on the environment," explained Dr. Sonali Shinde. Registration for the next class of Basic Ayurvedic Therapist Training Course da Bahiana are now open, and classes will start in February 2023.