Bahiana holds Spring + Health Fair

The event was aimed at the population with sickle cell disease.


“Multidisciplinary assessment of health problems in different age groups of individuals with sickle cell disease”. This was the theme of the “Spring Health + Health Fair – A Bahiana supports care against sickle cell disease”, held on the morning of September 24, at the Centro Médico da Bahiana Health, located on campus Brotas. The action was an initiative of the Master's programs in Medicine and Human Health and in Health Technologies and the scientific initiation programs of the Medicine and Physiotherapy courses.

The fair was held with the aim of strengthening the level of information of people with sickle cell disease, through health promotion, guidelines and assessments of this population, making them aware of their clinical condition, functional aspects and promoting self-care. The program included the reception, blood collection, respiratory, auditory, nutritional and functional capacity assessments.

"The idea for the fair came from a group of researchers with the aim of giving attention to these patients with a vision of interdisciplinary care", points out the professor of the Master's and Doctoral Program in Medicine and Human Health Cristiane Dias. Traditionally, the graduate program participates in research activities of a social nature. "It is very important to have the support of the Bahiana in the sense of making this social action possible, because we are working with a very needy public. It was a great opportunity that we offered for this population to be able to carry out these assessments and thus improve their self-care", highlighted the coordinator of the Master's and Doctorate in Medicine and Human Health, Prof. Dr. Ana Marice Ladeia.

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