CCVP receives a visit from a delegation of professors

Complex serves around six thousand families in the Pau da Lima Sanitary District.


The Vida Plena Community Complex (CCVP) received, on the morning of September 16, the visit of the coordinator of the Medicine course prof. Dr. Humberto Castro Lima, accompanied by the vice-coordinator of the Medicine course, Prof. Dr. Ana Verônica Mascarenhas and the coordinator of the Medical Internship Prof. Dr. Dilton Mendonca.

The delegation was received by the professor of Bahiana Dr. André Luiz Peixinho, also coordinator of the Decision Center of Sociedade Hólon, a philanthropic entity that, in partnership with Bahiana, maintains the various teaching-assistance activities of the CCVP. Also accompanying the visit was the coordinator of the 5th year of the Medicine course, prof. Rinaldo Antunes Barros, the professor of Medicine Eleonora Peixinho, the executive director of the Sociedade Hólon Simone Oliveira and the nurse and professor Tábata Cerqueira Nascimento. Currently, the complex serves about six thousand families in the Sanitary District of Pau da Lima.

Its head office, located on Rua Dr. Arthur Gonzales, in the neighborhood of Pau da Lima, emphasizes assistance and teaching in everyday life, interdisciplinarity in professional actions, multidimensionality of problems (through the paradigm of complexity) and intersectoriality of actions.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública