I NEPS/CIATox-BA Meeting on Suicide Prevention

The event invites all students and health professionals to discuss suicide prevention in Yellow September.


Tomorrow (14), from 13 pm to 17 pm, the I NEPS/CIATox-BA Meeting on Suicide Prevention takes place, with the theme "Contributions of the Suicide Study and Prevention Center (NEPS/CIATox-BA) in the prevention process of suicide in the state of Bahia and the reflections about Yellow September".

The purpose of the event is to promote a critical reflection on the impacts of the "Yellow September" Campaign and to understand the contribution of the Nucleus for the Study and Prevention of Suicide of CIATox-BA (NEPS/CIATox-BA), throughout its almost 15 years of existence. existence, for the production of knowledge, proposition and conformation of health care practices in assisting people with suicidal behavior and in the formulation of public policy for suicide prevention in Bahia.

The event is free and has a hybrid format (with spaces limited to the in-person model).

Access the link and confirm your presence.

Order date: 14 September 2022.
Open Hours: from 13h to 17h.
Location: Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública – Campus Cabula, Salvador-BA.

Presented by: Information and Toxicological Assistance Center of Bahia – CIATox-BA.