V Journey of Psychology brings together teachers and students in YouTube broadcast

Meeting discussed training in Psychology in the context of the Pandemic and the experiences of graduates in academic research.


An inspiring and reflective morning. This was the V Journey of Psychology, held on August 26, with live broadcast on the official channel of Bahiana No. YouTube. The opening was on account of the conference “Training in Psychology: what we learned in the Pandemic and the challenges of the future”, given by the psychologist, master and doctor in Psychology, from PUC Campinas, Ângela Soligo, with mediation by the coordinator of the Psychology course, Sylvia Barretto. Participated actively, via live chat, professors and students of the Psychology course at Bahiana.

In his speech, Soligo reflected on the process of adaptation of teachers and teachers throughout the Pandemic. The guest also addressed the lack of psychological health as a response to a neoliberal context of high productivity. In addition, she reflected on contemporary issues, such as the proposal for a degree in Psychology in the distance learning modality.

In the second moment of the program, the panel “Trajectories in Research in Psychology” was presented with the participation of psychologists Amanda Mamede, Fernanda Assemany, Patrícia Bahia and psychologist Millen Carvalho, mediated by the coordinator of the Master’s in Psychology and Health Interventions at Bahiana, Monica Daltro. In their speeches, the former students of Bahiana shared their experiences in academic research carried out within the scope of the master's degree. The meeting ended with the poetic recitation of the 10th semester Psychology student Mariana Tanure.

Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública