species mapping

species mapping


Calliandra Brevipes Benth


Scientific name: Calliandra Brevipes Benth

Familia: Fabaceae.

Origin: South America, more specifically Brazil, Uruguay and Northern Argentina.

popular names: sponge, esponjinha, manduruvá, angiquinho, among others.

Natural occurrence: tropical and subtropical zones of the Americas.

Features: It is a species of lifeless shrub (without thorns or spines) up to 2 meters high, glabrous and very branched.

It naturally inhabits humid places and river banks, withstanding the force of flood waters and temporary submersion (rheophilous species). It has flowers with very showy stamens, white on the lower half and pink or equally white on the upper half. The leaves are alternate bipinnate of minute dimensions.

Usage: It has ornamental quality due to its abundant foliage and flowering at different times of the year, being also indicated for the formation of hedges.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calliandra_brevipes