species mapping

species mapping


grassy tibouchina


Scientific name: grassy tibouchina

Familia: melastomaceae

Origin: Brazil.

popular names: quaresmeira, lent flower, lent.

Natural occurrence: Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Features: It occurs naturally in the dense ombrophilous forest of the Atlantic slope, of small to medium size, with a dense and full-bodied canopy, reaching 8-12 meters in height. It has two varieties of flowers, one with a pink color and the other with purple. It usually blooms twice a year, from June to August and from March to April, with its most abundant flowering between March and April, coinciding with the period of Lent, hence its name “quaresmeira”.

Uses: it is a tree widely used in the landscaping of squares, gardens and in the afforestation of streets and avenues.