species mapping

species mapping


annona squamosa


Scientific name: annona squamosa 

Familia: annonaceae

Origin: probably Caribbean.

popular names: anona, araticum, ata, head-of-nego, countess, heart-of-ox, pine cone, among others.

Natural occurrence: tropical climate.

Features: usually a tree 3 to 6 meters tall with thin branches. It is a semideciduous plant and most leaves fall off before new shoots appear. The flowers are hermaphroditic, pendulous solitary or in clusters of two to three leafy buds. The pinecone is, in fact, a set of aggregated fruits, originating from a single flower.

Usage: The fruits are edible and very tasty, being consumed in their natural state or used in the preparation of juices and ice creams.

Source: https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruta-pinha