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species mapping




Scientific name: Veitchiamerrilli

Familia: arecaceae

Origin: Philippines (on several islands).

popular names: manila palm, manila areca, merrili, veitchia palm

Natural occurrence: rainforest and in lowland open vegetation, including disturbed vegetation.

Features: It is a palm tree that reaches a height of 4 to 8 meters when it has a perennial life cycle. Flowering occurs in spring, and the inflorescence is erect to pendant, in a panicle, with numerous and tiny yellow flowers. Bright red fruits can attract birdlife, in addition to their ornamental value.

Usage: in landscaping, it should be used in rows along paths or walls, or in mixed groups with other trees and shrubs, composing orchards, small groves or heterogeneous beds.

Source: https://palmeirasdovale.com.br/product/palmeira-veitchia-veitchia-merrillii/