species mapping

species mapping


A burning caryota


Scientific name: A burning caryota 

Family: arecaceae

Origin: native to India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and surroundings.

popular names: fishtail palm.

Natural occurrence: from India to Peninsular Malaysia, in fields and clearings of the rainforest and at altitudes of up to XNUMX meters above the sea.

Features: monoecious, monocarpic species, typical of sunny open places in tropical regions. Its life cycle is determined by the first and only flowering, which occurs from top to bottom, which causes the plant to slowly wither. It is a palm tree with a robust stem and leafy crown, a set that reaches 15m in height.

Usage: the tree is commonly used as an ornamental plant. The fibers of its leaves are used in making ropes, baskets, brushes and other artifacts.

In terms of food, it is almost the food base of the people in the eastern archipelago and is the main source of raw material for the production of sago in India.

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