species mapping

species mapping


Dypsis lutescens


Scientific name: Dypsis lutescens

Familia: arecaceae

Origin: Madagascar, Africa.

Popular name: areca-bamboo.

Natural occurrence: equatorial, subtropical and tropical climate.

Features: it has multiple trunks forming clumps, grows fast and can reach 6 to 12 meters in height. The leaves are large, green, recurved, composed of 20 to 50 pairs of leaflets, with yellowish petioles and rachis. The inflorescences are branched, with numerous small, creamy-white, fragrant flowers. The fruits are yellowish-green and turn purple when ripe.

Usage: It is widely used for decoration of gardens or various interiors. It can be conducted in two ways: shrubby (with many stems – up to 3 meters) or arboreal (with few stems – up to 9 meters).

Source: https://www.jardineiro.net/plantas/palmeira-rabo-de-peixe-caryota-mitis.html