species mapping

species mapping


Tabebuia roseo-alba


Scientific name: Tabebuia roseo-alba.

Familia: bignoniaceae

Origin: Brazil

popular names: ipê-branco, itaipoca, pau-d'arco, taipoca, among others.

Natural occurrence: in the North, Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions of Brazil. And also in Bolivia, Paraguay and Peru.

Features: tree up to 25 meters high, occurs both inside the primary forest and in secondary formations. It occurs sparsely in the northeast caatinga and very frequent in gravel terrain on the margins of the Mato-Grossense swamp. Its flowering is rare and ephemeral, there is no one who does not admire this snow tree.

Use: Widely used in the landscaping of gardens, squares and streets. It is easily recognized for its intense flowering, which graces parks and public walkways. Ideal for planting in sidewalks and central beds of streets and avenues.