species mapping

species mapping


handroanthus albus


Scientific name: handroanthus albus

Family: bignoniaceae

Origin: Brazil

popular names: ipê-da-serra, ipê-amarelo-da-serra, ipê-amarelo, among others.

Natural occurrence: Atlantic Forest and Cerrado.

Features: medium-sized tree, reaching a height of 5 meters. In general, with a crooked trunk and thick bark, its seeds are winged, its flowers are yellow and usually bloom from late July to September.

There are at least 9 species of yellow ipe, all of these species are very similar and vary according to size and morphophysiological constitution and even according to the habitat where they grow.

Usage: widely used in landscaping, due to its exuberant and fantastic flowering.

Source: https://www.jardineiro.net/familia/bignoniaceae