species mapping

species mapping


Delonix direction


Scientific name: Delonix direction

Familia: Fabaceae

Origin: Madagascar, Africa.

popular names: flamboyant, poinciana, flower of paradise, rosewood, red acacia and flaming tree.

Natural occurrence:  in all regions of Brazil.

Features: the flamboyant is an exotic forest species, reaching up to 20 meters in height. Their trunks are strong and, almost always, slightly twisted. Flowering occurs between the months of September and January. Each flower has a calyx with five sepals and a crown of five petals. The pod-like fruits measure about 45 centimeters in length and turn brown as they ripen.

Usage: It is widely used as an ornamental in tropical areas of the world, due to its dense foliage and exuberant flowers. They also have bioactive molecules, such as galactomannans, extracted from their seeds, which are used as raw material in the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of capsules that coat drugs, and in food, with thickening properties.