species mapping

species mapping


Ficus adhatodifolia Schott


Scientific name: Ficus adhatodifolia Schott

Familia: moraceae

Origin: Brazil

popular names: gameleira, fig, wood and fig tree.

Natural occurrence: All regions of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Central America, among other regions of the planet.

Features: large tree, between 10 and 20 meters high, normally with a very wide crown and thick trunk, with aerial roots. It is also known as "wood-sucking", as it can grow next to an already formed tree, as an epiphyte and, over time, competes with the host, being able to kill it, becoming an autonomous tree.

Usage: Due to its soft and easy-to-work wood, it is used to make troughs (a kind of bowl), hence one of its popular names: gameleira. Fig tree barks have pharmacological potential, as they contain laticifers, of the non-articulated branched type, monocrystals, gelatinous fibers and brachiesclereids.