species mapping

species mapping


Ficus benjamina


Scientific name: Ficus benjamina

Familia: moracea

Origin: Malaysia, Asia.

Popular names: Ficus-Benjamin, Fig-Benjamin or Fig Tree.

Natural occurrence: equatorial, subtropical and tropical climate.

Features: with a grayish stem, aerial roots and pendulous branches, it grows moderately to fast and, under natural conditions, reaches 30 meters in height. Its leaves are small, shiny and evergreen, green or variegated with white or yellow. They are elliptical in shape with an acuminate tip and have slight undulations at the edges. The discreet, white flowers have no ornamental value. The small, red fruits are decorative and attract birds. Its roots are aggressive and superficial.

Usage: The ficus is a beautiful tree, widely used in landscaping. It is recommended to plant this fig tree isolated in extensive gardens and farms, where the sculptural aspect of the stem stands out. Planted in pots, it can also be carried as a tree or shrub.