species mapping

species mapping


Cassia fistula


Scientific name: Cassia fistula

Familia: Fabaceae

Source: Southeast Asia.

Popular Names: golden rain, canafístula, cassia-fistula, cassia-imperial.

Natural occurrence: subtropical and tropical climate regions.

Features: medium-sized and fast growing tree, it reaches about 5m to 10m in height. Its trunk is elegant, somewhat crooked, and can be single or multiple, with a gray-green bark. The crown, in general, is rounded with about four meters in diameter. Its leaves are pinnate and alternate, with 4 to 8 pairs of elliptical leaflets, bright green. The flowers, in golden-yellow tone, are small and appear in clusters. The fruits, in turn, have a cylindrical vegetable shape and dark brown color.

Usage: Due to its beautiful hanging clusters of golden flowers, especially in the months of November and December, it is the queen of urban afforestation. It has medicinal properties, in which extracts from various parts of the tree, such as root, bark, flower and fruits are used by some Indian tribes as an anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial agent.

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