Bahiana Verde welcomes the semester with organic compost distribution

Material was distributed to the entire community of Bahiana, with points on campuses Brotas and Kabula.


Let's give back the land, what the land gives. This is the message that the Committee Bahiana Verde brings in its organic compost distribution carts that were present at the Campi Brotas and Cabula, on the first day of the second semester. The idea was to welcome students, teachers and employees with one kilo (1kg) of organic compost (the result of the organic waste recycling process that transforms organic matter into natural fertilizer, which can be used in agriculture, gardens and plants, replacing use of chemical products) produced from waste collected in the Bahiana.

Upon receiving her compost, the 5th semester Medicine student Maria Isabella de Santana César highlighted the initiative of Bahiana innovative: "It provides students with a more careful look, which is what Bahiana proposes to our training. we have a Bahiana greener, more alive and in solidarity".

The People Development coordinator and member of the Bahiana Verde, Luiza Ribeiro, informed that the distribution will happen in a constant way through the availability in the stock of organic compost. Formed by a multi-professional team, the Committee Bahiana Verde was created in 2017, with the aim of structuring a socio-environmental policy in Bahiana, disseminating the culture of care for the Planet and all beings that inhabit it.

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