species mapping

species mapping


glabrous bougainvillea


Scientific name: glabrous bougainvillea 

Familia: nyctaginaceae

Origin: South America, Brazil.

popular names: bougainvillea, bougainvillea, onion, paper flower, pataguinha, rosewood, among others.

Natural occurrence: Southern Brazil and subtropical climate, it withstands the cold and frost very well, growing well in areas of altitude as well.

Features: woody vine, with abundant and spectacular flowering. It can reach from 10m to 20m. Its leaves are small, smooth, slightly elongated and shiny. The flowers are small and projected, yellow-cream, surrounded by pink bracts. Its fruits ripen from March to May.

Usage: It is extremely ornamental, especially during the summer when it is covered entirely with lilac flowers. It can be used in landscaping, mainly in the afforestation of parks and large gardens.

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