species mapping

species mapping


Cavendish Muse


Scientific name: Cavendish Muse  

Familia: Musaceae

Origin: Southeast Asia.

popular names: dwarf or water banana.

Natural occurrence: subtropical regions.

Features: are characterized by a succulent, subterranean stem (rhizome), whose "false" trunk (a pseudostem) is formed by the superimposed sheaths of its leaves. These are large, pale green, shiny, and generally oblong or elliptical in shape. The flowers are arranged in a terminal spike, around the so-called "heart" or "navel" of the banana tree. It also has spathe-shaped bracts. The "fruit", known as a banana, is actually a pseudoberry.

Usage: is an important nutritional source for humans and wildlife. It can be considered as a food of high nutritional density, that is, low caloric value and high content of nutrients (vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds).