species mapping

species mapping


Schefflera actinophylla


Scientific name: Schefflera actinophylla

Familia: Araliaceae.

Origin: Australia, Indonesia, Java, New Guinea and Oceania.

popular names: umbrella tree or octopus tree.

Natural occurrence: tropical, subtropical, oceanic and equatorial climate.

Features: plant with a single or little branched trunk that can reach up to 12 m in height, it has roots that outcrop the surface of the soil in older trees. Its leaves are large, compound, digitized, with pendulous leaflets, elliptical to oval, glossy, dark green in color and leathery in texture. The fruits that follow are globular, small and red, containing 10 to 12 kidney-shaped seeds. The dispersal is done by birds, and the seeds are able to germinate on the branches of other trees, becoming epiphytes.

Usage: in landscaping, it is used alone, in the middle of lawns or in groups forming rows, along walls, walls and fences. Young plants are widely grown in pots for indoors or terraces. They are sensitive to light.

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