species mapping

species mapping


Filicium decipiens


Scientific name: Filicium decipiens

Familia: sapindaceae

Origin: Asia, India, Sri Lanka.

Popular names: tree-fern, Felicio, Filício.

Natural occurrence: equatorial, oceanic and tropical climates.

Features: dioecious, evergreen tree, with decorative foliage, reminiscent of fern fronds, which gave it both its popular and botanical name (Filicium = fern, decipiens = false).

It can reach up to 7 meters in height. Its trunk is dark, brown to greyish, with irregular scaly bark. The leaves have a winged midrib and are pinnate, with glossy leaflets. Flowering occurs in spring and summer, with small, yellow, delicately scented flowers. The fruits that form next are of the drupe type, with an ellipsoid shape and purple color when ripe, resembling black olives.

Usage: It is a very interesting tree for landscape use, due to its tropical appeal, small size and well closed, rounded and symmetrical crown, which offers cool shade in summer. It is also suitable for urban afforestation.

Source: https://www.jardineiro.net/plantas/arvore-samambaia-filicium-decipiens.html