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species mapping


Schinus terebinthifolius raddi


Scientific name: Schinus terebinthifolius raddi

Familia:  Anacardiaceae.

Origin:  Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Popular names: aroeira-mansa, fruit-of-thrush, aroeira-red, aroeira-pimenteira, aroeira-de-medio.

Natural occurrence:  coast from Ceará to the south of the country.

Features: medium tree of 5m to 10m in height, wide crown, compound leaves, small flowers and drupe-like fruits, bright red, aromatic, giving a remarkable beauty to the tree.

Living up to one of its popular names, “fruto-de-sabiá”, the mastic is one of the most sought after species by avifauna in our country. Another quality of this species is its ability to occupy degraded areas.

Uses: aroeira-mansa is one of the plants in the Brazilian pharmacopoeia. Consisting of the ANVISA Phytotherapics Form, as a gynecological healing and anti-inflammatory.

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