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species mapping


Psidium myrtoides


Scientific name: Psidium myrtoides

Familia: myrtaceae

Origin: Brazil.

popular names: araça-roxo, araçá-una, araçá-preto, araçá-camu-camu.

Natural occurrence: in all regions of Brazil.

Features: endemic species of the Atlantic Forest, appearing mainly in hillside forests and forest edges. The fruits of this plant are purplish in color and have a sweet taste. It belongs to the genus psidium, from the same family and similar to guava.

Uses: the species is known to contain a high content of bioactive and nutraceutical compounds, directly responsible for performing essential functions for the promotion of health and the reduction of the risk and development of diseases. Recent research has shown a potential for the essential oil of araçá-roxo to be used as a phytotherapic.

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