species mapping

species mapping


Mangifera indica L


Scientific name: Mangifera indica L

Familia: Anarcadiaceae

Origin: South and Southeast Asia.

popular names: Hose, hose, hose, hose.

Natural occurrence: in all physiographic regions of Brazil.

Features: It is an evergreen tree that can exceed 25 m in height, with a leafy and dense crown, its leaves are simple, oval and pointed. It is one of the introduced trees that have best acclimatized to Brazil, its flowers are small and pink, hermaphroditic or unisexual. The fruits have an oval shape with green or red coloration, with yellow spots or vice versa. 

Usage: the fruits are edible and can be consumed “in natura” or in ice cream and sweets. The tree is still ornamental and shade producer. 

Source: https://www.portalsaofrancisco.com.br/biologia/mangueira