Bahiana: Two-time GPTW Champion

Institution is considered, for the second time, the best company to work for in Bahia.


For the second consecutive year, Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública is the big winner of the Great Place to Work, Bahia section, an award given to entities that are recognized by their employees as a good place to work. The first place in the Large Companies category is repeated after the institution has participated in all seven editions of the GPTW Award. In all, 45 companies were qualified to compete for the award.

During the pandemic, the Bahiana it did not adhere to any salary reduction or employment contract suspension program and maintained its staff without jeopardizing their salaries. Aiming to understand the scenario of needs and offer customized care to its employees, GEPAP created the program Time Bahiana. “We did a survey with employees to find out what the demands were with this physical distance”, says Telma Bastos. According to her, feelings of anxiety, worry, fear and specific needs were predominantly identified for the adequacy of work in this new modality.

Based on this mapping, several contingency actions were promoted to meet the needs identified. Letters from the Management started to be sent to all employees fortnightly, as a way of connecting and strengthening bonds, which has been experienced by employees as a moment of great synergy, comfort and belonging. Among the actions, there is also the promotion of lives with content proposed from the results of research.