Bahiana: always a good place to work!

Institution is among the five best companies to work for, receiving the GPTW 2017 Award.


For the 5th consecutive year, the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública was recognized as a good place to work, being among the top five in the Great Place to Work award in 2017. The institution was in 3rd place, behind only the companies Atento (1st place) and Dínamo (2nd place) and to in front of Instituto Nordeste Cidadania (4th place) and Supermercados GBarbosa (5th place). The award ceremony took place on the night of May 29, at the Instituto Feminino da Bahia.

According to the Personnel Development coordinator, Luiza Ribeiro, the admiration of the employees is the result of the coherence between the work and the values ​​defended by the institution: “Employees are partners and participate both in the preparation of projects and in their execution. They are the main parts in the process”.

The manager of the Strategic Management of People and Learning (GEPAP), Telma Bastos, explains that the survey is also an opportunity to better listen to the concerns of employees, opening spaces for feedback: "Because the company's purpose is to serve people. we take care of people in their particularities and difficulties. We are present in their lives, and that is a differential".