GPTW marks the beginning of the 65th anniversary of the Bahiana

After being three consecutive times among the five best companies to work for in Bahia, the School is runner-up in the award that focuses on the quality of life of its employees.


In the month it celebrates 65 years, the Escola Bahiana de Medicina e Saúde Pública begins its celebrations with the public recognition of being one of the best companies to work for, in the state of Bahia, by receiving the 2nd place award in the Great Place to Work 2016 edition, in the Large Companies category. The award ceremony took place on the night of this Tuesday, May 23, at Casa do Comércio, in Salvador.

A Bahiana ranked among institutions such as Dinamo Engenharia (1st place), Supermercados GBarbosa (3rd place), Grupo Ramiro Campelo (4th place) and Grupo TPC (5th place). In addition to the top five, this edition awarded, for the first time, different categories, also bringing together 10 small and medium-sized companies. In all, this 4th edition had 35 competing companies, representing a universe of approximately 31 thousand employees.

Very moved, the Human Resources manager, Telma Bastos, said that the result of the GPTW is always a joy, but ponders saying that maintaining this level is also facing the challenge of always growing and taking more care of employees. She also highlighted that this commitment is present in all sectors of the Bahiana: "Serve others with an open heart! Bahiana it exudes this in all dimensions, in all its actions, whether technical or academic, it is a collective effort".