Partnership with DreamShaper enhances the Project Based Learning aspect in Bahiana

An online tool will facilitate the development of academic projects, valuing the student's role in the teaching-learning process.


A Bahiana has just signed a partnership with dreamshaper, an edTech specializing in Project-Based Learning. Through an online tool, the initiative allows the implementation of active teaching methodologies, based on the development of academic projects.

In it, students build projects related to their curricular components, following pre-defined work methodologies, promoting an autonomous experience and, at the same time, guided by their teachers.

“The project between DreamShaper and Bahiana aims to introduce work with projects in a systematic way with the DreamShaper tool, impacting the curricularization of the extension, the student portfolio, the procedural assessment of the progress of learning and postgraduate studies”, explains the Dean of Undergraduate Education and Lato Sensu Post-Graduation Maria de Lourdes Freitas Gomes. She also clarifies that the initiative is premised on maintaining the institution's high academic quality, while meeting the regulation related to the extension curricularization, providing the gain of curricular efficiency and respecting the characteristics of the Bahiana.